Deliver and convert

We make it easy to create and launch marketing campaigns to grow your audience, sell more stuff, and build your brand.

Create clever campaigns

Create messaging campaigns that help you reach your audience through WhatsApp.

Broadcast to your audience

Textpop makes sure that your message gets delivered at the right time and the right place.

Follow up personally

Replying quickly turns ‘one-to-many’ into ‘one-to-one’. And that’s when the magic happens.

How it works

Build an audience

Convert people to legit opt-in Whatsapp contacts from email addresses, website visitors and phone numbers.

Or import a list

Jump start your outreach campaigns if you already have an opt-in list of phone numbers for Whatsapp.


Get them opted-in

Make them want to receive your future messages. Get include a solid opt-in process through SMS. Already opted-in? You may skip this step, but handle with care.


Write your message

Compose your message from scratch, use a pre-canned template or create templates yourself to use it over and over again.


Reach out and convert

Send and broadcast your message to thousands of people with a single click, or schedule your campaign for the perfect moment.

All-in-one business messaging software for WhatsApp

Use our solid business SMS & WhatsApp messaging software to send out notifications, news alerts and product updates

Send rich media campaigns

Create SMS and WhatsApp marketing campaigns to deliver the right message to your audiences.

Schedule campaigns

Being relevant means delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

Broadcast personal messages

Include images, emoticons and attachments to strengthen and pimp your message.

Personalise each message

Personalise each of your messages by using custom contact fields.

Build or import lists

Start building lists from your website by using email lists. Or just import your own contact lists.

Offline QR-codes

Communicate QR-codes offline to allow your audience to subscribe to lists.

Follow up with auto responders

Stun your audience by replying to responders immediately. Engage them and sell more stuff!

Solid opt-in process

Textpop has SMS opt-in processes in place to bridge the gap from desktop to mobile.

ITTT integrations

Integrate with automation services to create a bot or to send individual alerts to a single contact, based on business rules.

START/STOP commands

Contacts can subscribe or unsubscribe to a certain topic or channel by messaging ‘start’ and ‘stop’ whenever they want.